Wazifa for Love Back in 3 Days

Assalam Alaikum are you looking for a Powerful Wazifa for love back? If yes then don’t worry today we are talking about an Islamic Wazifa which will help you to bring your lost love back permanently.

We were hoping you could read the whole article so that you can understand this wazifa accurately. There are lots of dua and Wazifa on the internet, but this is the most useful Wazifa.

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Love is a feeling which can’t be explained by words. When a person is in love, he doesn’t see anything significant than his lover. The main motive of that person is to make his partner happy. But when you lose this particular feeling, then that person breaks from inside.

Assume you think that at one time your lover was utterly in love with you and suddenly he/she change their behaviour for some reason that you never know. Then don’t worry this article will surely help you to bring your ex lover back in your life.

Before talking about Strong Wazifa for lost love to come back, let’s talk about the root cause of the problem. There could be many purposes behind a breakup. We will talk about some basic and standard concepts here.

Hello, I am not wasting your time. It’s important to talk about this because it will help you to follow the “Wazifa for ex-love back”.

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Wazifa for Love Back

The simple logic after a breakup could be a shortage of mutual understanding, Might be your partner had cheated you with any other man/woman.

Everyone knows about this. But we want to talk about Black magic. Yes, it’s a very fancy and mythical term, but it is real. In some cases, a person never knows that their relationship is coming to an end due to someone’s jealousy.

If you are facing problems like this, then you can perform this Wazifa For Love Back to solve this issue.

Suppose your lover moved away from you. He/she broke your heart and all your dreams he/she broke your path of success and turned your life into hell. You do not forget your love, and you want to get back with your lover. Then don’t worry about that because Wazifa For Love Back In 3 Days will help you to do so.


  1. Make a fresh Ablution.
  2. You have to perform this wazifa after Isha Prayer.
  3. The time for “Wazifa For Love Marriage” will be 12 days.
  4. You have to read the dua (given below in image) for 1200 times.
  5. Recite Surah An-Nisa 7 times a day.
  6. In the last step, you have to imagine your lover and blow on him/her.
  7. You can also blow on any sweet and make him/her eat it.
  8. . After this Surah Recite this Ayat not less than 777 times “Insha Allah Yasmaiu Mayash” you have to keep the imagination of your husband or wife in your mind to increase love between them.

Do This Wazifa to get love back soon, Insha Allah you will get your lover back.

Wazifa to Get Lost Love Back

The absence of your lover or partner in your life makes you lose interest in living. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the hearts of people. Some people for the sake of wealth and some respect for Allah. Some love to gain benefits from their loved ones.

Love is feeling an emotional and happy movement of every person who has not even take the feelings of being a lover or loved in someone.

Trust is an essential thing in every relationship. Mostly links get damage over very small or minor issues. The best relationships are based on trust and understanding from both sides. If they have the strength to forgive there mistake then their relationship and life would be happy and faith.

The strength of love is based on their honesty. There could be a fight between a couple. But if their love is strong, no one can break their love and sperate them.

Method to perform this Wazifa

The method to perform this Wazifa to get my love back is mentioned in the image below;-

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Thank you for reading. Insha Allah, you will get success.

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