Powerful Wazifa & Dua To Stop Divorce and Save Marriage

Assalam Alaikum, Welcome to our website. If you are viewing this article, I can assume that you are facing a real problem. Now you should leave all your worries aside because today we will tell you about the Powerful Dua to Stop Divorce.

Nowadays, the problem of divorce has increased everywhere. Marriage build a strong bond between husband and wife. Marriage is a life-changing decision for every boy and girl.

Some couples enjoy their married life a lot, and some couples face a lot of problems. It’s more than a relationship when a boy marries a girl. People should understand the importance of Marriage.

To understand how to perform this Dua to save a marriage from divorce, you need to read the whole article.

Dua To Stop Divorce

As we know, everyone faces some difficulties after Marriage. There are a few quarrels between every married couple. Some people tolerate it, and some take a stand against it and think divorce is the only way to solve their problems. But everything gets settled if the couple has an excellent understanding like those who are living a happy married life.

You cannot expect any relationship to go smoothly forever. If you face some troubles, then your relationship will become stiff. That states how loyal and committed you are in your Marriage. Sometimes you might feel your partner had stopped loving you the way he used to and you want to get his love back again then Wazifa for love back will help you.

Dua To Save a Marriage

First of all, you need to take a shirt or any other cloth for your partner. Then you will need two palm dates. You can easily purchase palm dates from the market.

  1. First of all, you have to complete a fresh ablution, to begin with, the whole procedure.
  2. Now, spread the cloth that you have collected from the wardrobe of your partner.
  3. Then, you have to take a couple of palm dates and tie it with the red thread.
  4. Now, you have to place that palm dates on the cloth.
  5. After that, you have to perform the recitation of Durood e Ebrahimi for eleven times.
  6. Then, you need to perform the recitation of Surah Al Talaq.
  7. But, you need to recite only the first verse of it for 186 times.
  8. Then, recite the Durood e Ebrahimi for eleven times again.
  9. After that, you have to blow on the palm dates.
  10. You have to repeat this procedure for a week.
  11. Make sure you blow on the same pair of dates on which you have started the whole procedure from the very first day.
  12. Lastly, on the seventh day, you need to take the pair of dates on your right hand. And spin your right hand over the head seven times.

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Dua to prevent a divorce is helpful for those couples who are very close to getting separated. Let me explain, Suppose your Marriage is on the edge of breaking apart. There is no way to go back. Then You must hold on to your commitment and recite Dua to Stop divorce.

It is the best Dua to protect your marriage from Divorce. To perform this dua, you need to arrange some stuff. Don’t worry; you can easily collect all the essential materials used in this process.

Wazifa To Save A Marriage from Divorce.

There could be so many reasons behind the Divorce like external affair, fighting with inlaws, sexual relationship with another man/woman. Even in today’s world, a man asks the woman for Divorce if the woman cannot bear a child unable to groom her/his children. After Marriage, You should not be thinking about the Divorce. Divorce is not the solution to the problems of married couples because it will eventually affect their family.

Suppose your partner is having an extramarital affair and that another person is ruining your relationship then you must read Wazifa To Separate Someone because it will help you in getting back your happy married life.

If you want to stop your Divorce then do this Wazifa to Save Marriage, that’s my guarantee that this wazifa will help you 100%

Wazifa to stop divorce:-

  1. You have to up in the middle of the night.
  2. Now, go for taking a fresh shower and after that, wear clothes that are suitable for your prayers.
  3. After that, you must perform Ablution.
  4. Find a peaceful place to concentrate well. You can perform this in your room if you have got such privacy.
  5. Now, spread the jaa e namaz in the direction of the Qibla.
  6. Then, start performing the tahajjud namaz (midnight prayers).
  7. After completing the midnight prayers, you must take a tasbeeh in your hand and start chanting this dua.
  8. 8.Chant Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, and Allah hu Akbar.
  9. You have to chant each of the dua for 33 times.
  10. After that, take the holy Quran and search for surah Yasin.
  11. Start doing the recitation of this chapter and make prayers to Allah for saving your Marriage.

Do this dua and wazifa for guaranteed results if you have any doubt in this wazifa or dua. Then you can comment down below. We will answer you as soon as possible.

If you are not comfortable reciting this dua or wazifa, you can contact us on WhatsApp will we help you on behalf of yours. We promise to make you satisfy.

Thank you for reading this article. Insha Allah, you will get success.

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