Assalam Alaikum, My name is Aslam Khan and Quranic Dua Helpline is my website. Here we believe in providing the best Islamic wazifas and duas.


At Quranic Dua Helpline our main goal is to provide you proper info about deen and Islam. All the wazifa and dua provide by us are easy and well used before. If you will perform any wazifa from this website then definitely you will get results. You just need to perform every wazifa with proper method. We are here to help peoples so we don’t make money. We do this for free so you can also contact us with your issue.


My Name is Molana Aslam Khan and the story behind this website is there are many people who create fake websites to scam people they take money in the name of Allah. But at Quranic Dua Helpline we help you with Islamic Duas and Wazifa and one more interesting thing is we help for free. You can directly consult us and we will help you and tell you about the proper method of doing proper dua and wazifa.


If you feel that you are not able to perform a wazifa or dua for your problems or you had performed any wazifa but still didn’t get results then you can contact us on Whatsapp. You can also e-mail us. we had provided an email address and our phone number below this page you can consult us 24/7.